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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"  ~ Nelson Mandela 

An all round institute

We believe in upgrading and working in collaboration with advancements in the education world and the technical world which will…

Skilled Faculty

We have a team of experience Faculty members who are experts and well versed in their field of teaching. They are not only experienced but are open to advancements and willing to go the extra mile to benefit the students.


Infrastructure plays an important role and hence, keeping in mind its importance the school has created a learning environment such that it not only helps the students to concentrate more on their well being but also provides them with all…

Well Equipped Labs

With state of the art technology being used in every lab, the school keeps no stone un-turned to maximize the benefit gained by each student and that no student is left with less or no resources to cope with the…

Online Management

With the advancement in technology and online systems being the way forward, the whole management is setup in such a way that it can function in both offline and online manner as and when required. With the online systems becoming…

Quality Library

Library is the backbone of any institute. Taking this resource as an integral part of an institute, our library has a vast variety of books, journals, research papers, and many more and would help students to get the information that…

Modern Classrooms

With every field getting a touch of modernization specially through the technical field, our classrooms are always being upgraded from time to time to keep up with the latest trends and advancements. The classrooms have also got a touch of…

Quality Education

     With all the years’ experience in the education field, quality is what we have always strived for. Starting right from the basics, nursery to the very important High School, we keep every minute requirement in our priority list. 
      From the infrastructure to the administration, the classrooms, the faculty, the library, and all those which play a vital role in enhancing the quality of education we always try to give our students the best that is available so that no student lack’s the resources required to excel oneself in the real world. 
     Education is the weapon of any human for a better well being, however academics is not only the way, therefore, we also make sure that every student is exposed to all extracurricular activities and the hobbies that they are into. So, each student that passes out is a winner in their own field. 







Well Equipped labs and classrooms


Digital Management


Academics Departments


The school has a well-experienced faculty in the field of literature to educate students about the historical background, theories on administration, and management.


With maths as the base of many careers, our Mathematics dept makes every effort to make each and everyone understand the basics and the more core part.


Our lingual dept is blessed with some of the best linguists, who help each students in learning different languages through which they can learn and understand more on different cultures.

Life Science

Life Science an important section of education, especially in careers related to medical, the institute prepares the students accordingly in realizing the importance of this part of education by exposing them to various life science projects, experiments, and many more.

Physical Science

With the advancement of technology in every field, physical science an important role as the base for any technical career or engineering. The institute helps students in getting the basic concepts clear so that they can achieve their dreams.

Technical Education

With state of the art equipment and technologies used in our laboratories, understanding concepts and theories become much easier and also teaching each individual how technology can be used for the betterment of everyone and the world.

Our Courses

We offer Arts, Commerce and Science for the Higher Secondary Course. Details of all courses are given below






Passed Out


Happy Students

Why Choose Us

High-profile Faculties

The institute has some of the most talented faculties with years of experience and dedication in their field of work. With a great academic background and many achievements in their teaching career, they are still determined to improve even more by the day to help the students achieve their goals.


The whole administration and the different academic procedures have been digitalized and can be managed online to ensure there is no hindrance or obstruction in the learning process of the students. Online management increases efficiency and decreases labour work and increases the productivity of each dept.


The institute offers a wide range of resources to help students learn and explore the limitless boundaries of knowledge. With huge variety of books, journals, and also with the help of labs equipped with advanced technologies the students will no longer be confined to limited knowledge.

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Education and Seven Set Annexe Higher Secondary

Education is a tool that can help anyone in excelling forward. Seven Set Annexe helps every young mind in learning the skills and getting the knowledge they need to compete in the world. The Institute not only helps in developing the educational part of any child but also exposes them to many extracurricular activities which…

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Seven Set Annexe Higher Secondary Section

Seven Set Annexe is the higher secondary section of the school and was started in the year 1998. With over 20 years of experience in the Higher Secondary section and with over 50 years of experience in the education sector, we have a team of experienced and talented faculty and staff that work tirelessly to…

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